About Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Human beings and other living animals are basically curious in nature. They have tendency to know and explore everything and it is indeed in their nature to suspect for all the things. This nature of human beings has given scope to new civilizations and life forms to grow and progress in their lives. Extra-terrestrial Intelligence (ETI) is applicable to this nature of human beings to get interested in knowing about different things, events and activities.

About Extraterrestrial IntelligenceThe conventional system of SETI (Search for ETI) has lesser scope and can help in detection of new civilizations and life forms. It doesn’t imply for the non-technological terms and SETI programs don’t recognize the human civilizations. It is needed to take bold steps and travel beyond the limits. ETI requires more time and makes use of advanced technology to work in the appropriate way.

ETI has discovered us, planets and the galaxies around us much before the human beings thought that there is something around us. The concepts have more interest with biosphere, which are like rare forms of real estates. If human beings discover something vital, the information gets distributed quickly with time. The discovery of ETI civilizations lie with the speed of light and every space faring ET will require getting back and giving an appropriate appearance.

The planet Earth was the primary real estate to ET a billion years ago similar to Australia and America being the estate of Europeans. The biosphere of Planet Earth had microbes and no humans. ET couldn’t interact with human beings without technology association, but there was change required. The advancement of technology has made it feasible to share the events and get more inputs for appropriate results. ETI also got advancement by dealing with primates rather than microbes.

Mythology reveals facts are related to universal sharing between cultures, races and geographical reasons. ETI makes investigation to biosphere by studying about primates. The accumulation of ETI researches actually created human beings. God is considered as biochemist and they created human beings with five elements: Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Space. There are genetic and artificial selection engineering done to understand the natural forces and creation of human beings. Humans here specify all breeds of the living organisms.

It was believed that humans are created for serving their God and it was considered as the major motive of their life. Human analogies have no bounds. Planets have huge impact on us and can have impact on the living organisms. There are R&D sessions undertaken by scientists, astrologists and astronomy experts. It is amazing to know that UFOs are the findings of ETI concepts and have scientific explanation. If humans exist, there is of course a meaning to ET. Planet Earth is interesting and consists of many mysteries unfolded by ETI.

At times, you might think that abductions are imaginary. Abductions are fictional, but have some facts related to them. There might be unpleasant nightmares apparently building intense results. Humans may find it odd, but these things are true and show their presence after sometime.