Andy Bick


Protein House by Andy Bick

Andy Bick is the owner of the Protein House restaurant. He educates people with the nutrition and fitness needs. His experience in the world of nutrition has taught people about their health requirements and encouraged them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He encourages and motivates people to remain fit. Nutritional requirements and proper exercising schedule plays an essential role in maintaining better physique for bodybuilders or any person who wants to keep in good shape.

Protein is very much required for recovery of muscles and building healthy body. Protein House has everything made in-house and perfectly put together for perfect taste and nutrition. Every recipe is measured according to nutritional values and you can diet while eating great food. Andy Bick has revolutionized the ways of healthy eating and you can get into best body shape by eating great food. The professional trainers can help you for making adjustments in your daily diet without leaving anything for eating and you can get progress to have the body of your dreams.

Exercising in gym or park should be started with stretching of arms and warming up the body. Everyone has their personal concepts to set up their own pace for exercising and body movements.

Andy Bick: Nutrition Diet Approach

Andy Bick makes emphasis on weightlifting and cardio exercises along with healthy dietary plans to look great. He even does it on himself to remain fit and active. He has got many Merit Certifications for the achievements and activities he has done for the nutrition world. He follows several adventures in the general life and dedicates his life for encouragement and motivation to others for fitness. His efforts for Protein House development are marvelous and he has been promoting the word of balanced nutrition and fitness to everyone.

Protein House gives a great franchise opportunity to the newbie. People are getting aware about healthy life and eating habits. Many Americans are avoiding fast food and becoming health conscious. Obesity is a sin and you can get rid of it by choosing healthy eating over the fast food or irregular eating options. It is not a solution to leave eating food, but healthy eating is required to get rid of extra fats and get proper energy for your daily activities. Protein House has attained a great name for serving healthy and yummy food. You can enjoy sumptuous food without having guilt in your mind.

Concept of Protein House

Protein House by Andy Bick came from his passionate nature for health and fitness niche. He has consistently used his skills, experience and expertise to plan for better dietary solutions for the world. The taste of eatables is great and they have good nutrition value. You can get into better shape and enjoy life fully by becoming fit and most importantly, not losing your diet.

Protein House offers amazing smoothies; like Muscle Freak, Grape Ape, Apple Butter and much more. You can also find tasty burger options, such as Southwest Veggie Burger, Muscle, Aloha and much more. There are signature wraps, deserts, pancakes and salads also served for the people having their taste. Protein House is expanding to different locations in the US and presently, it is located in Las Vegas, Utah, Missouri, Colorado, Iowa, Arizona and California. It will be a great opportunity for people to get the food with positive nutrition value.

Protein House Franchise

Protein House is a great franchise to own as the concept is required by everyone at present. Whether you are a vegetarian or meat lover, there is something for everyone. Andy Bick took this step as the health consciousness is increasing and Protein House is giving something healthy and nutrient to everyone having concern about their fitness goals.

Andy has travelled all over the globe and seen abrupt growth in fitness industry. People are getting away from fast food and choosing healthy means to provide their body with the best fueling. ProteinHouse chain can provide the food exactly in accordance to the needs of people, which is ultimately a positive aspect for the people to get what they’ve been looking for. It is the major reason that the chain is growing so rapidly.

Andy Bick is still on the track to lead towards the better fitness goals for the society and Protein House is his dream coming true for reaching towards the right point in life. Protein House franchise can help society to get awareness about the nutrition rich food and healthy living style. It is soon to be opened in many regions of the US.